ArtChangeUS: Arts in a Changing America has a mission to reframe the national arts conversation by embracing the cultural assets of demographic change. 

In partnership with the California Institute of the Arts (2015-2020), our national team now operates from New York, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Florida, Virginia, California, and Illinois. Our infrastructural partner is NEO Philanthropy.

ArtChangeUS is creating a vast network of artists, idea producers, and organizations that serves as an urgently needed catalyst to bring unheard leadership voices to the forefront of social discourse, arts production, and community change.

Our goals are to:

    • Reframe the arts conversation to understand and respond to the cultural assets of demographic change;
    • Catalyze and make visible relevant, innovative artistic work and forward thinking arts practices;
    • Create opportunities for artists, organizers, and thinkers to connect across sectors in order to introduce new perspectives and collaborative possibilities;
    • Disseminate cultural equity best practices through trainings, knowledge production and community accountability.

ArtChangeUS is currently focusing on three impact-driven initiatives:

  • ArtChangeUS Cultural Community Benefits Trainings:  Based on the ArtChangeUS Cultural Community Benefits Toolkit, this virtual training offers individuals and organizations creative, practical and meaningful strategies for building commitments to greater diversity, equitable stakeholder relationships, and structural change within their work.

  • The Cultural New Deal for Cultural and Racial Justice:  In these unprecedented times, as justice movements converge, many of us have asked ourselves what the stakes are for the culture we want to advance. We concluded that we needed to change the conditions under which we artists and culture bearers labor and live. The Cultural New Deal for Cultural and Racial Justice points us toward new understandings of how we together can build a culture that is inclusive, sustainable, and leads us toward justice and freedom for all.

  • FUTURE/PRESENT: Culture in a Changing America:  a forthcoming anthology solicited by Duke University Press and co-edited by ArtChangeUS staff Daniela Alvarez, Roberta Uno, and Elizabeth Webb.

Our foundational programs include:

  • ArtChangeUS REMAP  is a series of major high visibility gatherings on arts and changing demographics. Click HERE for A