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Cultural Community Benefits Principles

These Cultural Community Benefits Principles were collaboratively developed by ArtChangeUS with Detroit cultural activists based on their ongoing efforts to seek accountability, through community benefits agreements, from private developers who receive public support for large-scale development projects. ArtChangeUS and its Core Partners are sharing this template with the wider cultural sector to provide a values-driven and pragmatic approach to shifting our field’s institutional practices while building equitable relationships.

A toolkit is under development to accompany these principles and will be disseminated in Spring 2018.

(Name of organization)  is organizing (event/project), in (city, neighborhood, or other location of event/project), on (date) according to Community Benefits Principles that advance cultural equity.

We commit to equity within our own organizational structure by:

  • Reflecting racial inclusion in our organizational staff
  • Reflecting racial inclusion in our leadership staff
  • Reflecting racial inclusion in our board

We commit to building equitable relationships with communities and recognize that they are bringing the following to the table:

  • Cultural and intellectual capital, credibility, and deep local knowledge
  • Insight, historical analysis, and lived experience
  • Specific skill sets in their areas of expertise as artists, activists, organizers, educators, entrepreneurs and beyond

We see our event as an opportunity to:

  • Uplift authentic narratives about the location hosting us
  • Connect local experts including artists, thinkers, policymakers, and community members to collaboratively work together with other artists, activists, scholars, and cultural change makers in a powerful and authentic way that builds creative solutions, awareness, and accountability, thereby strengthening the artistic and economic fabric of this and all communities

We are upholding the following mechanisms of accountability throughout the planning, event, and post-event stages of our project:

  • Acknowledging and uplifting that (location) is on (name of First Nations, Alaskan Native, Native Hawaiian) land and that its racial demographics are (enter demographic information)
  • Supporting the centrality of First Nations and Indigenous people in our programming and creating strategies for continued relationship building beyond our event
  • Engaging with the demographics of the location through our programming
  • Engaging and compensating local expertise through an advisory committee or similar structure
  • Within each session:  facilitating a process for documentation with attribution to the authors for ideas generated and making documentation available to all participants (as a way to value contribution, create transparency and prevent co-optation of ideas)
  • Creating safe spaces within conference events that offer resources and guidance to support attendees in the event of challenging or emotionally triggering content
  • Gathering feedback from participants and vendors through a post-event survey
  • Reflecting on successes and areas of improvement through a post-event debrief with the advisory committee

With the goals of elevating the national conversation, shedding light on innovative practices, expanding networks, and creating an environment of collaboration, we have the opportunity to support a more locally based, self-sustaining economy.  Accordingly, we will source locally and implement the following strategies:

  • If a business qualifies as small, person-of-color-owned, LGBTQ- or woman-owned, it will receive priority consideration.
  • Establish a goal to spend at least 60% of the total program budget on locally sourced goods purchased from suppliers whose ownership structures reflect the demographics of the city. These goods and services include:
    • Hotel
    • Transportation/Tours
    • Presenter/Panelist participation
    • Printing, Marketing and Advertising
    • Audiovisual equipment and services
    • Catering services
    • Photography services
    • Graphic Design
    • Media Production services
    • Writing and Editing
  • We will help to build access to local resources by sharing the contact information of businesses in post-event communications and activities such as:
    • Post-event debrief and evaluation
    • Reports
    • Website acknowledgments
    • Continued engagement of local stakeholders
    • Other ______________________________
  • Making introductions and/or supporting ongoing conversations between the private foundations that support this event and community-based artists and speakers presented

We will publish this agreement along with a final budget report with the goal of transparency and accountability to the community and the field.


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