Cultural Community Benefits Principles Toolkit

View and Download the CCBP Toolkit below!ArtChangeUS CCBP Toolkit

The Cultural Community Benefits Principles Toolkit, edited by Cézanne Charles, was collaboratively developed by ArtChangeUS with Detroit cultural organizers based on their ongoing efforts to seek accountability, through community benefits agreements, from private developers who receive public support for large-scale development projects. ArtChangeUS and its Core Partners are sharing this toolkit with the wider cultural sector to provide a values-driven and pragmatic approach to shifting our field’s institutional practices while building equitable relationships.

Watch an introduction to our Cultural Community Benefits Principals Toolkit by Creative Many Director of Creative Industries and Toolkit editor Cézanne Charles at ArtChangeUS REMAP: Twin Cities, September 25, 2018.

View and Download the CCBP MOU below!ACU_CCBP_MOU_online