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REFRAME is seeking essays and high quality thought pieces that promote critical thinking on issues relating to the arts, equity, race, representation, exemplary distinctive arts practice and other issues related to the profound cultural change occurring in a demographically transformed America. Contributions should range from 1,000-3,000 words. It is encouraged that corresponding images/links/multimedia be submitted if appropriate, to further illuminate the text. Storytelling, compelling narrative, and creative formats are as valued as equally rigorous scholarly approaches. Contributors are given a month deadline for revisions and accepted pieces are awarded an honorarium of $150.

For more information or if you are interested in contributing, please contact Daniela Alvarez at

ArtChangeUS@The Brooklyn Conference: Grounding from Knowing led by artist Emily Johnson

October 21, 2017 Brooklyn, NY Join us for Grounding from Knowing, an ArtChangeUS-curated workshop at The Brooklyn Conference on Saturday, October 21, 2017. The Brooklyn Conference explores the intersections [...]

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Four Questions To Ask Before Imagining The Future by Darryl Ratcliff

Four Questions To Ask Before Imagining The Future by Darryl Ratcliff The world has shifted with the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States of America. White [...]

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“I ghost dance over drums/my music speaks to the young” by Kyle T. Mays

“I ghost dance over drums/my music speaks to the young”: Thoughts on Settler Colonialism, Contemporary Culture & Politics, and the Rise of the Indigenous Hip Hop Millennials By Kyle T. [...]

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El Acercamiento/The Approach by Evelyn Serrano

El Acercamiento was conceived and is organized by Evelyn Serrano, faculty at CalArts School of Theater, with Yamile Pardo, Dean of Sculpture at San Alejandro. El Acercamiento is part of [...]