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Join us August 23-26, 2019 for REMAP: LA GOING DEEPER

How can we learn to operate from a culture of a shared future?

As our country is remapped by its people – what type of remapping of ourselves is needed? 

Following the success of the ArtChangeUS Cultural Equity Summit, REMAP: LA goes deeper into work foundational to cultural equity through participatory workshops focusing on anti-racism, disability and access, and language justice training.  We are also collaborating with the Western Arts Alliance on the plenary, “The Politics of Presence” and the Black Arts @ WAA, a day-long program in Leimert Park. Join us for a single workshop or multiple experiences.

ArtChangeUS is committed to creating an inclusive environment. This includes providing accommodations to make our event more accessible. If you need accommodations to fully participate in REMAP: LA, please include your needs on the registration form or email

Content Advisory: Workshops and events at ArtChangeUS REMAP: LA may include explicit conversations about class- and race-based conflict.

ArtChangeUS REMAP: LA August Activations Schedule

2019 WAA Conference Opening Plenary Call and Response: “The Politics of Presence” | Via Live Stream on Facebook; For live captions, click HERE

What does historic and community memory mean to a sense of belonging to a place?
How can the arts help move us toward a just city?

Many cities and locations across the country are facing an unprecedented acceleration in gentrification that threatens historic neighborhoods and communities. Artists have both been important resources in communities and harbingers of displacement. Arts organizations of color in historically marginalized neighborhoods are vital cultural anchors that provide community cohesion and inspiration. They are facing waves of gentrification, compounded by persistent underfunding, and are also undergoing a generational shift in leadership, as organizations catalyzed by Civil Rights era activism. In this Call and Response, we hope to uplift ideas on how the arts can play a larger role in advancing creative strategies towards a pluralistic community and country.

The Call: Lisa Bates, Director of the Center for Urban Studies at Portland State University

The Response: Mishuana Goeman (Towana Band of Seneca), Associate Professor of Gender Studies, Chair of American Indian Studies Interdepartmental Program and Associate Director of American Indian Studies Research Center at the University of California, Los Angeles;  Scott Oshima, Artist and Lead Community Organizer, JACCC; Jazmín Urrea, Visual Artist
Artist Respondent: Kamau Daáood, Performance Poet, Educator and Community Arts Activist
Interlocutor: Daniela Alvarez


ArtChangeUS REMAP: LA Going Deeper Workshop Descriptions

Friday, 8.23.2019

Nothing About Us Without Us: Unpacking Ableism Through the Expressive ArtsNOTHING ABOUT US WITHOUT US: Unpacking Ableism Through The Expressive Arts Facilitated By Diana Elizabeth Jordan MFA/OTA | The Los Angeles Theatre Center, 514 S Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90013        


An interactive workshop and training, incorporating expressive arts tools and strategies to experience and examine The Disability Civil Rights Movement, disability arts and culture, disability stigmas, attitudinal barriers, media impact, and the intersections of disability and inclusive multicultural diversity. The workshop is named in honor of a book written by Jim Charlton, one of Diana Elizabeth Jordan’s first disability activist mentors.

Diana Elizabeth Jordan (MFA/OTA) is an actor, speaker, artist educator, disability inclusion artivist, and the Founder and Creative Artistic Director of The Rainbow Butterfly Cafe. The Rainbow Butterfly Cafe is committed to eradicating disability stigmas, othering and limiting beliefs through performances and the expressive arts

Language Justice is Social Justice


Language Justice is Social Justice: Equitable Communication Across Languages co-facilitated by Antena Aire and Antena Los Ángeles | The Los Angeles Theatre Center, 514 S Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90013  

This workshop is offered from 9:30am-12:30pm

In our multilingual and multicultural cities, which concepts and strategies can we use to create genuine spaces for cross-language communication? How do we learn to listen differently, beyond the boundaries of the dominant language and the dominant culture? Language justice, at heart, centers on the idea that every person has the right to communicate in the language(s) in which they feel most comfortable, and hence to participate fully in the contexts where we work, live, think, and interact. This workshop offers an introduction to the concepts and techniques of Language Justice and provides tools for creating dynamic and well-functioning bilingual and multilingual spaces. Antena Aire is a transdisciplinary collaborative that uses cross-language practice as a generative ground for cultural production. Antena Los Ángeles works with nonprofit organizations, cultural institutions, and community based groups across Los Angeles to build cross-language capacity and promote socially and politically conscious interpretation and translation. and

Saturday, 8.24.2019

Undoing Racism graphicUNDOING RACISM Facilitated by the People’s Institute of Survival and Beyond | Lula Washington Dance Theatre, 3773 Crenshaw Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90016

Through dialogue, reflection, role-playing, strategic planning, and presentations, this intensive process challenges participants to analyze the structures of power and privilege that hinder social equity and prepares them to be effective organizers for justice. 

The People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond (PISAB) focuses on understanding what racism is, where it comes from, how it functions, why it persists and how it can be undone. PISAB workshops utilize a systemic approach that emphasizes learning from history, developing leadership, maintaining accountability to communities, creating networks, undoing internalized racial oppression and understanding the role of organizational gatekeeping as a mechanism for perpetuating racism.


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Black Arts @ WAA Pre-Conference

Tickets still available for Unpacking Ableism and Undoing Racism! REGISTER HERE!

ArtChangeUS would like to acknowledge the Tongva peoples and Fernandeño Tataviam Band of Mission Indians as the traditional, current, and future  inhabitants and caretakers of the lands of the City and County of Los Angeles.

About ArtChangeUS
ArtChangeUS: Arts in a Changing America is a five-year initiative based out of the California Institute of the Arts. Our mission is to reframe the national arts conversation by embracing the cultural assets of demographic change. REMAP: LA will continue through Spring 2020, engaging in deep learning about the cultural communities of LA, cultural equity, the active legacy of cultural anchors, strategies for arts-led and place-based advocacy through participatory workshops, Cultural Community Benefit training, discussion, and neighborhood listening tours around the city of Los Angeles

About WAA
Western Arts Alliance (WAA) is a membership association of touring and performing arts professionals engaged in promoting and presenting performing arts throughout the western states and provinces. Serving members since 1967, WAA’s annual booking conference and its year-round programs are essential for artists, artist managers, presenters, and other performing arts professionals in the west. More than 680 artists, managers, presenters, arts service organizations, and state arts agencies know WAA as a trusted and vital resource.

REMAP: LA is planned in collaboration with ArtChangeUS Core Partners: Alison De La Cruz (Japanese American Cultural and Community Center), Ben Johnson (City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs), Amy Kitchener (Alliance for California Traditional Arts), Natalie Marrero (Conga Kids), Debra J.T. Padilla, Randy Reinholz & Jean Bruce Scott (Native Voices at the Autry), and Tamica Washington-Miller (Lula Washington Dance Theatre). Advisory Council: Sofia Klatzker (Roman Mars Foundation), Leslie Ito (Armory Center for the Arts), Dr. Mishuana Goeman (University of California, Los Angeles), and Pamela Villaseñor (Fernandeño Tataviam Band of Mission Indians).

ArtChangeUS is a five-year initiative based at the California Institute of the Arts, supported by Ford Foundation, The Nathan Cummings Foundation, Surdna Foundation, and The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

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