How can artists help us see data in ways that emphasize the individual as much as the issue?
How can bread making change how we view our neighbors?
Where does the Mississippi meet the Ganges?
How does song heal bound bodies on a move toward freedom?

Join us from September 22-25, 2018 for ArtChangeUS REMAP: Twin Cities, an extraordinary opportunity to experience, expand, and connect! Immerse in artistic workshops with visionary artists and learn new approaches to cultural equity and community benefits.  REMAP begins with two days of participatory workshop intensives, September 23-24, led by stellar artists who are innovating methodologies at the nexus of art making and social change. Participants will include artists, organizers, educators, change makers and all who would like to add more creative methods to their work. Featured workshop artists are: choreographer Ananya Chatterjea, visual artist Seitu Jones, visual artist Rosalie López, ceramicist Cannupa Hanska Luger, playwright/director Meena Natarajan, theater director Dipankar Mukherjee, vocalist Rebecca Mwase, multidisciplinary artist Junauda Petrus, vocalist Ron Ragin, performing artist Carlton Turner, and behavioral and social practice artist Marcus Young.

REMAP will culminate in a forum, September 25, on equitable, sustainable arts-driven change, featuring a roundtable and small group conversations based on ArtChangeUS Cultural Community Benefits, introduced by Creative Many Director of Creative Industries Cézanne Charles. The roundtable will feature organizers, artists and grant makers from the Twin Cities and around the US, including: The Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundations Program Officer Sharon DeMark, HRK Foundation Executive Director Kathleen Fluegel, Teatro del Pueblo Artistic Director Alberto Justiniano, Artspace President Kelley Lindquist, The McKnight Foundation Arts Program Officer & Director of Artist Fellowships Arleta Little, Pangea World Theater Artistic Director Dipankar Mukherjee, Mu Performing Arts Artistic Director Randy Reyes, Jerome Foundation Program Director Eleanor Savage, Bush Foundation Community Creativity Portfolio Director Erik Takeshita, Grantmakers in the Arts President & CEO Eddie Torres, ArtChangeUS Director Roberta Uno, New Native Theatre Founder & Artistic Director Rhiana Yazzie and others. Artistic share by visual artist Dyani White Hawk and performance by Ikidowin Youth Theater Ensemble.

ArtChangeUS REMAP: Twin Cities will take place in Minneapolis and St. Paul, two US cities in Mnisota Makoce on Dakota land. Minnesota is transforming: 19% of its residents are people of color, compared to about 1% in 1960.  The population of color in the Twin Cities region is expected to be at least 40% by 2040. REMAP was planned in collaboration with Ananya Dance Theater and Pangea World Theater.

ArtChangeUS is committed to creating an inclusive environment. This includes providing accommodations to make our event more accessible. If you need accommodations to fully participate in REMAP: Twin Cities, please include your needs on the registration form or email

Content Advisory: Workshops and events at ArtChangeUS REMAP: Twin Cities may include explicit conversations about class- and race-based conflict, the Middle Passage, and substance abuse. Certain workshops will foster a supportive environment for personal story sharing.

ArtChangeUS REMAP: Twin Cities Schedule


ArtChangeUS REMAP: Twin Cities Workshop Descriptions

View bios of workshop leaders HERE.

10am-1pm | 9.23-9.24

Hearth & Heart: Bread Making for Community Strength with Seitu Jones | Frogtown Farm, N Milton St & Lafond Ave, St Paul, MN 55104 

How can bread making change how a community shares knowledge, heritage and space? How can cooking for our community transform relationships? Through this workshop focused on process and direction, St Paul visual artist, community organizer and urban farmer Seitu Jones will share how communal kitchen baking can function to build heart in a neighborhood. Practice outdoor baking technique, learn heritage grain-based recipes from around the world, bread breaking and engage with baking as a form of community solidarity building.

Stories of Strength & Resiliency with Rosalie López | Minneapolis American Indian Center, 1530 E Franklin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55404

Whether it be mental, physical, or spiritual, all of us have experienced and witnessed remarkable examples of resilience in the face of adversity. How can we celebrate these stories of human perseverance and creativity? LA-based Chicana Latina installation artist Rosalie López’s works activate new methods of storytelling that strengthens the collective voice and builds cross-cultural connectedness. In Mexican culture, and many others around the world, the practice of building an altar to preserve and venerate individuals, faith, and history is a sacred, ancient practice. In this workshop, learn to interpret memories and knowledge from your own life, family, or someone you know into flores de papel (paper flower) altar sculptures, gathered together to share a dynamic story.

Tracing the Ganges & Mississippi: Confluence and Community with Carlton Turner, Meena Natarajan and Dipankar Mukherjee | Pangea World Theater, 711 W Lake St # 101, Minneapolis, MN 55408 

The Ganges and the Mississippi are old rivers that carry ancestral stories. Using the metaphor of the river, performing artist Carlton Turner of Jackson, Mississippi, joins Twin Cities-based playwright/director Meena Natarajan and theater director Dipankar Mukherjee to explore the racial and class chasms and intersections in and between the communities that we are rooted in, asking the question: Can the intersections between our diverse communities lead to authentic relationality as opposed to a transactional paradigm? How do we use the power of story to grow relationships that bring us closer together across diverse cultures and communities, without the imposition of assimilation? This workshop will dig deep into this question with participants bringing stories, songs and movement that will emerge from the group. Open to all.

3pm-6pm | 9.23-9.24

ArtMatrix with Ananya Chatterjea and Marcus Young | Ananya Dance Theater, 1197 University Avenue, St. Paul MN 55104 

How can we build spatial awareness and use sound and embodied movement to galvanize collective action and protest? Twin Cities-based choreographer and dancer Ananya Chatterjea and behavioral and social practice artist Marcus Young will share their techniques for collaborative ensemble work in dance and movement to help us hold space for self and community. Responding to a set of prompts, we will work improvisationally to create a movement and sound score that models inclusivity and collaboration. Please be ready to work barefoot and feel free to bring instruments that you might already practice.

Counting Coup with Cannupa Hanksa Luger | Chicago Avenue Fire Arts Center, 3749 Chicago Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55407

Santa Fe-based ceramicist and multi-media artist Cannupa Hanska Luger creates art that brings large issues to a human scale, from Standing Rock to Atlanta and beyond. In this workshop, he will guide us through techniques in interpretive methods of representing data about our Twin Cities communities affected by alcohol abuse. Participants will build beads as part of a social collaborative piece and meditation; shifting how we view health, recovery and social stigma associated with alcohol abuse. Participants will also build mycelium-compounded slip casts to be placed at sites where people have lost their lives as a result of this disease. As these cast return to the earth, they will mark the site of those remembered with a promise of growth and healing. Counting Coup is an ongoing series by artist Cannupa Hanska Luger of regionally-specific projects that interpret cultural data through social engagements, hands-on workshops and collaborative art-making.

The Freedom Chamber with Ron Ragin and Rebecca Mwase | Penumbra Theatre, 270 Kent St, St Paul, MN 55102

Drawing upon freedom songs of the Black Diaspora, New Orleans-based theater artists Rebecca Mwase and Ron Ragin will experientially activate people’s sense of justice and harmony. This work seeks to build relationships, improve our understanding of our voices as catalysts for transformation and interrogate embodied pathways for freedom and liberation.

“We believe that communal singing strengthens our individual and collective voices, helping us to improve movement-building work. We are drawn to the practice of communal singing as one defined by individuals raising their unique voice in collaboration with others. Our fondness for this practice comes from its lack of material necessity other than the body. In slavery, as in our current context of mass incarceration, people are left with little space to exist outside of themselves. Our process, particularly with currently and formerly incarcerated folks, is about both remembering our voices and reminding ourselves of our humanity in relation to a system that seeks to dehumanize us through shame, fear, and invisibility.”

Wild Seed: Imaginative Building and Play for Liberation with Junauda Petrus In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre, 1500 E Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55407

Wild: uncontrolled or unrestrained, especially in pursuit of pleasure
Seed:  the beginning of something which continues to develop or grow
Minneapolis native, creative activist and multi-dimensional performance artist Junauda Petrus will lead a workshop focusing on imaginative play, grounded in Afro-futurist contemplations of new realities, transformative technologies and ancestral healing. Using foundational puppet, mask and costume building skills, we will create a tangible existence of our fantasies. Inspired by Octavia Butler, June Jordan, adrienne maree brown, and other dynamic dreamers, reflect on the social justice and activist lineages that shape visions for the future, then create a world and design attire that reflects it. After making our original world and our magical costuming, we will play and be free! Bring all of your youthful wildness and bliss out on your vision for a new world.

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What is the Change that Needs to Happen? A Roundtable and Conversation on Cultural Community Benefits at Mia

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ArtChangeUS REMAP: Twin Cities is supported by the Bush Foundation, Ford Foundation, the Jerome Foundation, the MAHADH Fund of HRK Foundation, The McKnight Foundation, The Nathan Cummings Foundation, Surdna Foundation, and The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. 

ArtChangeUS: Arts in a Changing America is a project based at the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) that seeks to explore and understand the dramatic demographic transformation of the United States and its profound impact on arts and culture.